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  • NCX09-0200 : Fitsi - Patient Bedside Caddy

    NCX09-0200 : Fitsi - Patient Bedside CaddyNCX09-0200 : Fitsi - Patient Bedside CaddyNCX09-0200 : Fitsi - Patient Bedside CaddyNCX09-0200 : Fitsi - Patient Bedside Caddy

    Fitsi - Patient Bedside Caddy

    Patient hand hygiene is essential in the fight to prevent the spread of Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The Fitsi - Patient Bedside Caddy provides patients an easily accessible way to contain and organize hand sanitizing supplies, empowering them to practice good hand hygiene. Additional storage puts personal items at their fingertips, helping to decrease the risk of a fall or the need to call a nurse to help them locate their eyeglasses, cellphone, earbuds, hearing aids, 

    Fitsi features a carrying handle for portability, a flat bottom to sit on any flat surface, and a flexible hook that can attach to a bed rail and rotate to accommodate different bed angles.

    Holds hand sanitizer supplies and personal items for easy access
    Flexible hook attaches to bed rail
    Rotates to accommodate different bed angles
    Carrying handle for portability
    Flat bottom to sit on any level surface
    ABS Plastic
    Made in the USA

    Consumable items are for demonstration purposes only and are not available for purchase through BOWMAN®.

    Dimensions: Dimensions rounded to the nearest 1/16"
    8.25"W x 7.75"H x 4.00"D
    21.0 cm x 19.7 cm x 10.2 cm

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    SKU: NCX09-0200