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Flu and Cold Season, Respiratory Hygiene Protection

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Respiratory Hygiene Protection for Patients, Staff and Visitors is paramount during the flu and cold season.
Forecasting the level of outbreak expected with cold, flu or any other respiratory viruses that may become active or epidemic during each season is nearly impossible.  What is possible, is a sound strategy to protect patients, staff and visitors throughout your healthcare organization with a respiratory hygiene etiquette plan during the cold and flu season or an outbreak.  The CDC has established recommended guidelines for respiratory hygiene protection in public areas. Based on these guidelines four steps should be followed:

1. Establish Visual Alerts 
Post visual alerts at the entrances of healthcare facilities, including emergency departments, physician offices, clinics, etc. that action should be taken and instruction forprotection from respiratory infection and to follow recommended respiratory hygiene guidelines!
Each alert should instruct everyone to:

2. Clean Hands 
Offer antiseptic hand wash if a sink for hand washing is not available. 

3. Cover Face with a Face Mask
Provide ear loop face masks for those coughing and encourage visitor use. 

4. Use Tissues
To cover the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing.  

Specifically for the 2015-2016 cold and flu season BOWMAN is proud to introduce the COVER YOUR COUGH (CYC) Compliance Kits.  These specialized respiratory hygiene compliance kits bring the 4-step guidelines to life.    With the delivery of one box you will receive a genuine BOWMAN dispensing kiosk designed for respiratory hygiene etiquette and compliance to the guidelines.  Each CYC Compliance Kit includes a visual alert and organized universally sized dispensing compartments for your preferred PPE supplies that include antiseptic hand wash either bottled or powered dispenser, face masks or tissues.  BOWMAN offers these configurations as freestanding, wall mounted or counter placed to help drive respiratory hygiene standardization and compliance throughout your site.

Click on CYC kits in the Respiratory Hygiene section of our web site or follow this link to learn more.